Bedroom Deal 2

1,499.00 1,299.00

Available in 9 Colours

Delivered and Assembled within 30 Days

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Bedroom Deal 2

Bedroom designs with a personal touch.

NEW at TDW: we present lots of different styles and colours of bedroom packages, all made of a coated wood that is resistant to scratching and designed to last. For us it is very important when designing or decorating a bedroom that the design can to adapt to the space of the bedroom not visa versa.

Wha’ts included: Headboard 280 x 60cm; LED lights in the headboard; 2 x 2 drawer bedside cabinets 58cm; 1 x 6 drawer chest of drawers 58cm; wall mirror 168 x 60cm  and 1 x 150 x 200cm bedframe (mattress of your choice is additional).